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Friday, 28 February 2014 15:23

By Alexander Chagema

For having impeached  Embu governor mr Wambora , Kenyan senators must be feeling very proud of themselves . They have been earnestly seeking relevance and finally the impeachment gives them a footing . In the supremacy wars , they  have cowed governors and left the national parliaments ego bruised.

At this nascent stage of devolution when everybody is groping in the dark , it suffices to just make lots of scary noises to put people in line . Going a step further to remove a first line governor from office will open a pandoras box and the precedent set is a dangerous one . The Lancaster house constitution might be on its way back . Without fear of contradiction , am categorical that not a single governor is innocent of the charges levied against mr Wambora .  Do we sack them all?

While the senate was deliberating on mr Wamboras fate , a visiting Columbia university professor , mr Mohammed Mamdani was giving a lecture on  the fact that courts cannot dare overturn a presidential election for fear of upsetting the system. This is something we all know but are timid to acknowledge . There is a parallel between the presidency and governorship  . Governors are the lesser president in their respective counties and there should be unwritten laws , in judicial parlance , that protect them except in very extreme cases like blatant abuse of office and mental health .

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Journalist Assaulted For 'His Political Article' PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 05:54

A journalist was last week attacked, harassed and assaulted by rowdy youth alleged working for the Kakamega County governor Wycliffe Oparanya over an article that was published in a local newspaper.

Shaban Makokha, Star Newspaper reporter was on Friday frog marched from a funeral service of human rights activist Elizabeth Efiketi in Butere by the youth who ejected him from the service attended by the governor.

The youth accused the reporter of negative and biased coverage of the county head intended to destroy his reputation.

They warned him never to attend any function or meeting presided by the governor or which the governor is in attendance claiming he was working with the opponents to paint ‘his Excellency’ in a bad light.

This is the second time the reporter has faced the brutal wrath of the youth who have vowed to teach him a bitter lesson if he would not tore the line.

In May last year, he was threatened of dire consequences over an article that was published in the newspaper where Butere law courts had issued a warrant of arrest for the governors for assaulting his former employee.

“They followed me up to my home and warned me that I will be an example to other journalist if I don’t stop writing negative stories that are damaging the governor’s reputation. I reported the matter to Mumias Police station and the matter cooled off until Friday,’ said a terrified Shaban who now fears for his life and is considering going into hiding.

Tusomeshe Watoto Initiative Raises Ksh 180,000 on FaceBook PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 08 February 2014 19:37

Schooling is an important aspect of social development, it helps to develop the mind and various ways of gaining knowledge or understanding. The cost of schooling has however skyrocketed leaving many a deserving students with no option but to drop out. A move to raise funds in aide of the deserving would thus be a welcome one for any community. As the wise men say, when you raise funds to help those in dire need, you also strengthen your own community.

A handful of Citizens from Kakamega county were probably reading from these scripts when they launched the Tusomeshe watoto initiative on the unofficial county facebook group.

Members of the Kakamega County Facebook forum raised over ksh 180,000 in cash and a bit more in kind over the past three weeks with an aim of assisting 12 students from the county's constituencies join secondary school.

The idea to raise money seems to stem from an attempt by members of the forum at being proactive as opposed to over-dependence on political leadership in socio-economic development.

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